Time for a WOF?

The NZTA requires a Warrant of Fitness annually for most cars to ensure that the car is fit to be on NZ roads. Don’t know when your warrant expires? Check the sticker in the top right hand corner of your windscreen. A WOF does basic checks for your car, including safety like seatbelts, headlights and braking, as well as steering and suspension. It doesn’t matter what you drive, let us get your WOF sorted for you. 

What is a Warrant of Fitness?

A WOF is a regular vehicle safety check required by the NZTA to inspect if a car is safe to be driven on the road. You can see full detail here on the
NZTA website.

Why do you need a warrant?

This regular safety check helps ensure that kiwis are safe on our roads. Whilst some countries don’t have an equivalent, due to the nature of New Zealand’s vehicle fleet (diversity and age) it’s a smart system. As it is required by law, we recommend getting one before your expiry date :).

How do I know if my warrant has expired?

You can check the sticker in the top right corner of your windscreen for the expiry date of your warrant. If your WOF sticker has gone, you can login to the NZTA website to check. You’ll also get an email reminder if your email is registered. 

How much does a warrant of fitness usually cost?

Car & Van W.O.F is $65.00 – Trailer & Caravan is $45.00


What happens if I fail a WOF?

If you fail a Warrant, your car is not fit to drive. It is illegal to take it anywhere except to be repaired. You have a 30 day window to get your vehicle repaired then reinspected without incurring another WOF fee. 

How often do I need a WoF?

Length of WoF for light motor vehicles

When was the vehicle first registered anywhere in the world?

How long the WoF is issued for

New vehicle that’s never been registered

WoF is issued for three years

Less than two years ago

WoF is issued to the vehicles third ‘birthday’ (third anniversary of when it was first registered)

More than two years ago, but less than three years ago

WoF is issued for 12 months

On or after 1 January 2000

WoF is issued for 12 months

Before 1 January 2000

WoF is issued for 6 months