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Six Signs You Need an Engine Rebuild

1. Excessive Smoke

With the tailpipe at the back of the car, emissions often go unnoticed so check for excessive smoke, it maybe time for an engine rebuild.

2. Burning Oil Quickly

Having to top up engine with more than a litre of oil within 5000 kms  could also be a warning sign

3. Compression Loss

If your car is misfiring  or lacking power a compression test  will give indication of engine condition

4. Oil Sludge

If your oil or coolant is not clean and has a  sludge build up, your motor may be giving signs of its condition.

5. Knocking

 knocking  or rattling that gets louder when you rev up the automobile should be checked immediately

6. Using Too Much Fuel?

Heavy fuel consumption can also be an indicator of engine condition through power lose

engine rebuild tips

Use Assembly Lube

Always use assembly lube, not only does it give your motor startup protection, it also remains active over long storage periods preventing rust and corrosion and supporting cushioning of close fitting parts, great extra protection especially if your project is going to sit for some time. 

Steve's 351 Bronco Engine

engine rebuild tips

Dial in Engine

Properly degreeing your cam is essential if you want to achieve the correct valve opening and closing points for your engine. Camshafts are ground to exact specification  but there are other factors that can cause incorrect camshaft to crankshaft phasing. 

Ians E-Type Jaguar

engine rebuild tips

Use Plastigauge

We always use and recommend Plastigauge to quickly and accurately measure clearances of rod and main bearings. Your machinist may be good but it never hurts to double check.